From the makers of the original P90x here comes the all new P90x2 by Tony Horton. Are you ready to use cutting edge technology in your workouts?

If so, the P90X2 is the workout system for you! The system is a result of two years of research and development by a group of highly specialized members.

Are You Ready To Be Blown Away By The Results?

P90X2 training will blow you away with the results gained. The workout gained is highly effective and users are seeing outstanding results. Performance is part of the glory gained with this training option.

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How Does P90X2 Work?

The program is built around the technique of Muscle Confusion™. Using the program will break you from your normal routine and allow you to gain results much quicker than traditional systems. Professional Sports Trainers from around the world have helped to design this training technique giving first class results.

What Comes With The P90X2 System?

The system comes with ground breaking trainings – twelve P90X2 workouts. Each one is designed to focus on “chiseling” your body while you also build core strength, balance, agility, and athleticism.

The program also provides the individual with a nutritional guide. The guide is very flexible helping to maintain success throughout the workout process. The design of teaching will give each user precise training sessions which will provide powerful results.

Do You Need To Overcome The Plateaus In Your Life?

If you are always hitting a plateau and your workouts come crumbling down, then you need to consider using this Beach Body system. This training will separate those who pose with those who truly perform!

These all-new workouts will give you great shape and form. The variety is amazing and each session will target specific goals. This program builds on the principles seen in the P90X system. Pure focus is given on balance, agility, mobility, as well as truly visible results.

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All-New Trainings Are Here!

The P90X2 gives you totally new trainings. If you have used the P90X, you will absolutely love the new additions from Beach Body. If you are new to the systems, then you will also love the results seen with this addition to the work out line. Here is a preview of the workouts received:

  1. X2 Core – cornerstone of the program; master this workout and you will see great improvements
  2. Plyocide – explosive movements are combined with body coordination and the mind; you will go through the roof when mastering this training session
  3. X2 Recovery – mobility session to allow total body realignment; uses highly effective techniques
  4. X2 Total Body – provides muscle building efficiency with every repetition
  5. X2 Yoga – Increase your isometric powers as well as your range of motion; adds strength to muscles
  6. X2Balance – Power and balance come together in this training session
  7. Chest and Back – This session cannot be matched by any form of traditional training; gain strength along with balance
  8. X2Shoulders – Keep your arms and shoulders strong and balanced; start looking great and in shape
  9. Base/Back – Develop cutting-edge sculpts by mastering this unique session; work out the two greatest muscle groups in the body
  10. PAP Lower – Uses a sports training method to turn your body into professional fitness and performance
  11. PAP Upper – Work out the upper part of your body and compete with trainings given to the top athletes
  12. X2 Ab Ripper – This is the next generation training for the abdominals

The trainings listed above come with the basic kit and will give you the power to make a cutting-edge change in your body. Extras are available for the even more serious individuals including V Sculpt and X2 Chest & Shoulders (TRIS).

Every kit comes with the How to Bring it Again video, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and the Workout Calendar. Each kit will come with everything you need to start ripping out the best body in town!

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